WINTER IS COMING (Da Da Daaaahhhhhh)

As the sun fades, and darkness comes earlier, bones start to chill and jackets are layered on. This time can be cozy for some, but for others, can bring increased anxiety, weaker digestion, constipation and ungroundedness. 

According to Ayurvedic Principles, this is the time of VATA, the energy of Air and Ether. This energy is light, fast and COLD. This is the energy that bring anxiety and fear when imbalanced. If you have been doing well all summer, only to have a back-slide as the seasons change, you are not alone. 

Our Mycrocalm Line is specifically designed to be WARMING, GROUNDING and SOOTHING to the mind. The entire line features our powerful  MycroCalm Complexpowerful extracts of Ashwagandha to fight oxidative stress, Mucuna, to ground the jitters and fortify you down to your reproductive systems and improve Dopamine production, Ginger and Black Pepper to warm and synergize the herbs rendering them more bioavailable. 

Our elixirs in this line have an additional CO2 extracted KavaKava Microdose, and our MycroSynergy Base (brahmi, cacao, dates, passionflower, 8:1 lions mane), so you can keep your nervous system platformed while switching back and forth through the lines, depending on need. 

Our Capsules in this line have 8:1 Reishi in addition to 8:1 dual extracted Lions mane, and while they do not have the MycroSynergy Base, they do have higher concentrations of mycrocalm complex. 

Our Infused Zen Master is the Mycrodose version of Grounded and is meant to be paired! You must be a member of the MycroVerse to access this particular product. 

Consider adding practices such as:

  • Avoiding Raw and Cold Foods
  • Reducing Caffeine (think 1/2 caf, or none)
  • Adding more good fats, like ghee and sesame oil
  • Self massage with untoasted sesame oil before a shower
  • Walking meditation and Slow Yin Yoga
  • Saying NO to things you don't want to do
  • Working on eliminating people pleasing

We recommend you take a WHOLE tsp of Grounded or its CBD enhanced partner, Contented, when you are feeling anxious and go for a walk. Most people report massively decreased symptoms after 1/2 hour. Please take your MycroCalm products at least an hour away from Caffeine, but realistically know that Anxiety is highly aggravated by caffeine and reducing it should be a goal. 

Stay tuned for tips and tricks and our upcoming guest authors!