It's All About That Base...MycroSynergy Base™

MycroSynergy™ Base is a phrase you will often hear on our site, as it is the CORE of our MycroDrops Elixirs

Each Micro-elixir formula; MycroActive - MOTIVATED, MycroFlow - FOCUSED and MycroCalm- GROUNDED, feature our proprietary and unique delivery system as well as a powerful complex layered on top, which give each formula its unique attributes.

MycroSynergy™ base is comprised of:

Coconut MCT (MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGYCERIDES): May improve cognition and work against the factors that cause Alzheimers 

Organic Dates: Rich in B6, may improve levels of dopamine, serotonin and GABA, naturally and may protect against neuro-degeneration. Sweetens without artificial or refined sugars

Cacao: "Associated with Enhanced Cognitive Processing, Learning, Memory, Recall, Neural Synchrony and Mindfulness Meditation"

Lions Mane (Dual extract): "Dual-extract" refers to a process where hot water and Alcohol are used to extract and unlock all of the components of Lions mane mushroom, as opposed to whole lions mane, which contains some hard-to-digest aspects of the mushroom. Dual extract concentrates the portions of this powerful medicine which are associated with cognition and mind wellness. Lions mane has been shown to improve memory and cognition as well as improve anxiety and depression in clinical trials. Nootropic functional mushroom.

PassionFlower: A well known Nervine tonic recognized for its ability to assist with generalized anxiety disorder and decrease physical feelings associated with stress and irritation. 

Bacopa/ Brahmi: Brahmi is a well known mood modulator in Ayurvedic medicine, prized for its ability to reduce Pitta (heat symptoms) in the mind, such as anger, irritability and judgement. Can significantly improve learning, memory and cognition. 

Authors note:

For those of you who also Microdose Psilocybe mushrooms (don't worry, our products contain absolutely NO illegal substances), our MycroSynergy base will help your microdose to work more effectively and with greater direction. If you are one of the millions of people for whom Microdosing tiny amounts of psychedelics has improved their lives...consider microdosing your lifeboat and MycroDrops to be the OAR, to help you get back to shore.