Andrea Shuman leans against an oak tree with a rainbow colored knitted shawl

Andrea Shuman, Founder/CEO

Andrea has been in the field of holistic health since 1997, as a bodyworker, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Master Herbalist and product creator and formulator. 

Andrea is also a pattern seer, an activist, a Mother... a cycle-breaker. 

With an affinity for life transitions and women's blood mysteries as sacred rights of passage that require understanding and respect at a societal level, Andrea endeavors to be part of the change to help bring about an end to colonial mentality and patriarchal business practices around plant and fungi medicines, and return to a world where our elders bring the young ones into community responsibility with grace, knowledge and love for the Earth and all her blessings. 

My Story:

I was only 12 when my Mother went on psychiatric medication as a response to a traumatic event. I believe that this intervention saved her life early on, but as I witnessed her being left on this medication for the ensuing 30 years, and the toll it took on relationships and connection, I became passionate that I would not ever have to use them. I was 17 when my Father went on Opioid medication as response to a rare chronic pain condition. In the decades that followed it also became clear that his doctors had given him no other option. I was also clear, that this was not a route I would want to take, should I be in the same position and have any say over it. This was an early inspiration to go into the healing arts.

When I found myself with a struggling business with supply chain issues, piles of debt, and a nursing toddler 2 states away from my business, in a community where I knew no one and a partner working 100 hours a week to support us, sometimes away for weeks at a time... I hit a wall. No amount of my own knowledge could bust through the overwhelm, lack of support and brainfog that resulted. After a naturopath friend of mine gave me an adaptogen formula, I might have written myself, had I not been the patient...I started to get my head above water. Soon after, I was gifted a little bit of microdosed psilocybe tincture. It had been years since I had eaten mushrooms, but I was very familiar with the way they speak and work in my body. I had my first macro experience without guidance at just 14 years old. 

In a microdose form, I was able to hear the mushrooms 'speak' to me more groundedly. As I started researching how and why people chose to microdose with mushrooms, it became clear that people were microdosing for such different reasons and energies, that my training in Ayurveda would come in handy to help me formulate something that would have a greater impact than the mushrooms alone. I began the task of formulating these products while I sold my struggling company and Mycrodrops was finally born in 2020 , though it would not see the light of official launch day until June of 2022.  

Mycrodrops along with microdosing mushrooms has lead me to be a better Mother, friend, herbalist and human. Above all, it has cemented my relationship with myself and the natural world in a way that I am everlastingly grateful for. 




Warren holding beaker in hairnet 

Warren Arevalo

Warren is a 2-time Jack Herer award recipient for his work in Cannabis. He is a skilled extractions expert, medicine maker and innovator. His work with mycrodrops consists of taking Andrea's mad-science formulations and making them into consistent, reliable and beautiful products. All the loveliness you consume from this site was formulated by Andrea, but produced by Warren! 

Warren has decades of experience in medicine work with Mother Ays being his awakening to his own familial roots in Peru, and reconnecting him to his own innate healing powers and on the journey to reclaiming his lineage and ancestory.