Microdosing - when a little goes a long way

It is a HOT subject right now, with Tech Founders and Stay-at-home moms, alike, reaching for small, fractional doses of psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms to improve mood, reduce anxiety and to improve productivity. With the murky legal status, it is important to educate yourself thoroughly. We cannot recommend Third Wave's Microdosing education, enough. They have gone above and beyond in this subject.  We highly recommend you start there if you are new. 

First off, before we get too far into this subject, I must acknowledge that we are NOT giving medical advice, and we are NOT suggesting you obtain substances which may be illegal in your area. We live in Oregon, where most drugs are decriminalized and therapeutic psilocybin use is now law. This blog is for educational and informational purposes only. Phew. Now that that is out of the way...

Let's start with the definition: Microdosing is the practice of using SUB-PERCEPTUAL (does not make you high and you don't "feel" it) in order to address a variety of concerns, including but not limited to; anxiety, depression, attention and stress tolerance, as well as optimizing an already productive and otherwise healthy brain. People also use this practice to become more aware of behaviors, assist in processing of trauma and be a more conscious observer of themselves. As you may see here, this is a wide array of reasons and you would NOT be wrong to notice that they are all fundamentally different things to treat, from an energetic perspective. Afterall, we do not treat people with ADHD the same as those with chronic depression. It is for this reason that so many outcomes are reported with microdosing...from the miraculous, to the "it made my issue worse" camp. Afterall, the microdosing substance (lets focus on mushrooms for now) is just one medicine. 

Allow us to dork-out with you a bit. Our founder's background in Ayurveda set off a red-flag alarm when considering that people were having such wide and inconsistent outcomes with microdosing and saw clearly that one of the reasons was the absence of a supportive formula AROUND the microdosing substance to give it direction. 

Ayurvedic formulas are written much like a story...with a protaganist (the main character, in this instance, we will say that psilocybe mushrooms are the protaganist), a supporting friend (to reiterate the DIRECTION of the formula, and support your specific intention), potentially an ANTAGONIST (an herb or substance which antidotes the effects of another herb to bring it into harmony with the formula) and a DIPANA or digestive herb, which aids in assimilation of the formula. Rarely are herbs in Ayurveda given alone, without other friends or foods. We have seen many people simply decide that microdosing did not work...when they simply did not have the proper STACK or set of supportive brain loving herbs, foods and functional mushrooms to give it its best chance of working their MAGIC on you. While it is still true that microdosing is not for everyone (please talk to your own health professional and read your own studies.)

We invite you to look at Mycrodrops as the wing-man (or woman or person) for your microdose. Our MycroSynergy base is synergistic with psilocybes, which can help the microdose to work better, and our Calm, Flow and Active lines help direct you to get the desired effect. 

If Microdosing is your lifeboat, Mycrodrops are the OARS and RUDDER.

How to use Mycrodrops to assist with your microdose:

Take your Mycrodrops DAILY. Every single day. Up to 3x a day.

Microdose no more than 5x a week. Many people even choose to microdose only 1x a week with great effects. While this article is not written to help you determine microdosing schedules, we want you to know that Mycrodrops may help to smooth the transitions between micro and non-micro days. 

comment below and let us know how Mycrodrops have effected your microdose!

if you have questions, feel free to call 1-833-GO-MYCRO and chat with us!