MycroDrops™ Powerful Micro-Elixirs made from Adaptogen and nootropic herbs and mushrooms. Get MOTIVATED, FOCUSED & GROUNDED!

Our MycroSynergy Base™ in every MycroDrops™ formula, is a unique and delicious blend of mood and cognition boosting foods, herbs and functional mushrooms including a base of fair trade cacao, iron rich dates, and coconut MCT's and powered by dual-extract cognitive-enhancing lions mane mushrooms, nerve-calming passionflower and mood-boosting Bacopa Herb (Brahmi). Specially formulated for bioavailability, taste and synergy. Each formula has a powerful proprietary complex layered over the base to TARGET your results and help you feel your best. #playswellwithmushrooms

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  • MycroFlow™ 100ml ----FOCUSED - Nootropic Stack Drink Booster

    For the busy, multitasker who desires that elusive flow-state and increased attention and focus: Our signature Mycrosynergy base™ + Mycroflow complex™ featuring stress-busting rhodiola, mood-stabilizing and anxiety-reducing gotu-kola, and cardamom, easy to take, tasty formula

  • MycroActive™ 100ml MOTIVATED - Nootropic Stack drink Booster

    For the unmotivated, depressed and couch-locked. Our Unique Mycrosynergy base™ + Mycroactive Complex™ featuring an activating and energizing blend of powerful extracts of: tulsi, American ginseng, and true cinnamon. Easy to take, tasty formula

  • MycroCalm™ 100ml --GROUNDED - Nootropic Stack Drink Booster

    For the over-stimulated and anxious desiring a heavy dose of "chill" without getting tired. Mycrosynergy Base™ + MycroCalm Complex™ featuring microdosed C02 extracted Kava Kava, Ashwaghada, Mucuna (Kappikachu), Ginger and Black pepper Easy to take, tasty formula