The Daily Stack - how to use MycroDrops to smooth out the day

Are you an early riser? An afternoon crasher? A caffeine junkie on a ride of ups and downs until you land in bed at night...and then cannot sleep?

Let's talk. 

Mycrodrops was not created for perfect people who never struggle with energy, mood or stressed out nerves. Mycrodrops was created by a Mom who needed rest and way more support than she had. A Mom who owned a business during the pandemic while homeschooling kids a state away from her partner and co-parent. A Mom in her 40s at the dawn of Perimenopause. Mycrodrops is how she (me) dragged her fabulous butt out of the dark hole of ARRRGH! And climbed up to the mountain of "I Got this!".

Enter, the daily stack. A great place to start when you see yourself in every formula. FOCUSED, part of the Mycroflow series, is what she (alright, let's stop it with the 3rd person already....) ME, uses every single morning in my 75% decaf, low-acid coffee.  If I feel the need to have several cups...I put the FOCUSED in each cup. Besides the anti-stress effects and the counter-caffeine effects of this formula, it also tastes AMAZING in my coffee. Starting the day this way decreases afternoon crash of coffee, a TON and helps me move through the day with a whole lot more attention and ease. In the afternoon, if I DO feel a little tired and need to work longer, I will use the MOTIVATED in my afternoon green tea or alone in water. By night time, I can start unwinding with Grounded, insuring a calm and restful evening. This one is great in warm milks or tea. 

Sample Daily Stack Schedule:

6:30AM 4 pumps MycroFlow FOCUSED in coffee x2 cups

2:00PM  4 pumps MycroActive MOTIVATED in tea or water

8PM 4 pumps MycroCalm GROUNDED in warm bev or water

The full daily stack is a wonderful addition when you are making a big transition...coming down off a bigger coffee habit, eliminating caffeine entirely and even when coming off many common psychiatric prescriptions (this is not medical advice, always taper with the help of an experienced physician and ensure there are no contraindications of herbs ad mushrooms with your meds). 

While some people love a strict routine, some, like me, prefer to intuit when the other Mycrodrops are needed. I use MycroFlow every single day, so that is my go-to, and I use the whole daily stack when I make big changes. 

Next week, I am starting a coffee detox and replacing my coffee with Matcha and Mate as my first step down agents. Comment below if you would like to learn more about my coffee step down protocol and how to improve your relationship with the bean we all love so much. Some folks need to eliminate it, and some need to take breaks or focus on caffeine reduction. 

How will you Mycro?