For the over-stimulated and anxious desiring a heavy dose of "chill" without getting tired. Mycrosynergy Base™ + MycroCalm Complex™ featuring microdosed C02 extracted Kava Kava, Ashwaghada, Mucuna (Kappikachu), Ginger, and Black pepper Easy to take, tasty formula.

This product is: 

  • Calming
  • Centering
  • Reduced nervousness*
  • Cognitive enhancing
  • Mood-boosting
  • Safe natural food-based formula
Ingredients: Organic Dates, Fair Trade cacao, Coconut MCT Oil, Proprietary blend of extracts (Brahmi, Passionflower, Lions Mane,C02 extracted Piper methysticum, Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Ginger and Black Pepper ), Sustainable Glycerine and Citrus Fiber."
1/2 tsp up to 3x a day. GREAT IN COFFEE, TEA, SMOOTHIES and SHAKES. Take directly by mouth or stir into your favorite warm drink
OH YES! Paleo Approved, Food-based, VEGAN, Delicious formula, powerful nootropic adaptogen extracts, stand-alone formula, compatible with microdosing routines, easy to dose and take, packaged in hyper-protective Miron Violet Glass protecting the product from degradation without preservatives, reusable high-quality bottle ABSOLUTELY NO: Synthetic ingredients, illegal substances, chemical additives, alcohol, preservatives, gluten, animal byproducts
A unique and delicious blend of mood and cognition boosting foods, herbs and functional mushrooms including a base of fair trade cacao, iron rich dates, and coconut MCT's and powered by dual-extract cognitive-enhancing lions mane mushrooms, nerve-calming passionflower and mood-boosting Bacopa Herb (Brahmi). Specially formulated for bioavailability, taste and synergy. Plays well with other functional mushrooms.
The product size is 100ml. Product width- 1.87" Product height- 5.55" Product total weight- 275g Dominant Flavor: Ginger Consistency: Elixir/Syrup

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