For the busy, multitasker who desires that elusive flow-state and increased attention and focus: Our signature Mycrosynergy base™ + Mycroflow complex™ featuring stress-busting Rhodiola, mood-stabilizing and anxiety-reducing Gotu-kola, and cardamom, easy to take, tasty formula.

Product benefits:

  • Improved attention and focus
  • Memory
  • Cognitive enhancing
  • Balanced energy
  • Stress-relieving
  • Natural food-based formula
Ingredients: Organic Dates, Fair Trade cacao, Coconut MCT oil, proprietary blend of extracts (Brahmi, Passionflower, Lions Mane, Rhodiola, Gotu Kola and Cardamom), Sustainable Glycerine and Citrus Fiber."
1/2 tsp up to 3x per day. GREAT IN COFFEE, TEA, SMOOTHIES and SHAKES. Take directly by mouth or stir into your favorite warm drink
OH YES! Paleo Approved, Food-based, VEGAN, Delicious formula, powerful nootropic adaptogen extracts, stand-alone formula, compatible with microdosing routines, easy to dose and take, packaged in hyper-protective Miron Violet Glass protecting the product from degradation without preservatives, reusable high-quality bottle ABSOLUTELY NO: Synthetic ingredients, illegal substances, chemical additives, alcohol, preservatives, gluten, animal byproducts
A unique and delicious blend of mood and cognition-boosting foods, herbs and functional mushrooms. Includes a base of fair trade cacao, iron-rich dates, and coconut MCT's and is powered by dual-extract cognitive-enhancing lions mane mushrooms, nerve-calming passionflower, and mood-boosting Bacopa Herb (Brahmi). Specially formulated for bioavailability, taste, and synergy. Plays well with other functional mushrooms.
The product size is 100ml. Product width- 1.87" Product height- 5.55" Product total weight- 275g Consistency: Elixir/Syrup Dominant Flavor: Cardamom

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