All I want for Mother's day is to trip alone in my bathtub.

In December of 2023, what started as a small mold spot, turned into a leak above my bed, turned into a roof replacement-mold-abatement 4 month extravaganza. 

It turned out that the solar had been installed on a roof that was not really worthy and we had been living with stealth mold above us for a year or more. While this was a shock, it also explained a lot of strange symptoms my family has been having. My youngest son got Mast Cell reactions...full body rash, itching, mood swings and multiple food intolerances. My older son got joint pain, irritability and random sore throats not connected to a cold. My husband had fatigue and unexplained arm pain and I had headaches, fatigue accelorated aging signs and a set back in the moods I had worked so diligently to improve through therapy, microdosing and general self-work. 

After home and body testing, we were all positive for multiple Myco-toxins produced by airborn Aspirilligus. From January to March we were out of our home and it was a war zone. We commuted to care for our micro-farm chickens, bring the kids to school and had our kids, cats and dog plus foster dog in an airbnb. Ask me how the move out went. It was NOT good. 

All of this happened just as Mycrodrops was finally starting to catch on and grow! We are so grateful, but it was a wild ride while we were so unstable in our own lives. 

As a consolation for having to rip all the tile out of the tub and bathroom, my partner in life and in Mycrodrops built me a brand new bathtub, complete with this trippy tile. Next to the candle is a joint of some lovely tasting cannabis flower. There are a million patterns in my Moroccan tile and I am completely at peace looking at them with my eyes. It is my favorite place in the house now. 

The trouble is, I need to digest my many months of transience with the family. All the holding-it-together and the remembering-all-the-things and the many many doctors appointments and the thousands and thousands being spent on our healing and making our home safe. 

I need to digest it.


In my bathtub. 

Preferably on 3 grams of Mushrooms. 

Yes. You heard that right. Mommy needs to trip alone in the bathtub. 

To come home to me.

To get perspective.

To thank my body for surviving this toxicity and to show my body my commitment to a good relationship with her. 

To remember what a privilege it is to be alive on this Earth School.

To remember how weird it is to be in a body since we are infinitely bigger than this vessel. 

To remember my divinity and to pray first, at my own gate, as once coached by the mushrooms....over a year ago. The last time I got a few days alone in my own home. 

I love being a mother. I love having a partner. I love BEING a partner. I LOVE running Mycrodrops and creating formulas and all my animals and everything about my life... And yet. In order to continue being these things in a wholehearted, non-obligatory and deeply loving way, I need some time to nest and rest and recharge. All moms need time. 

When you are considering what to do for the Mothers in your life who are really in-it. The ones with kids at home and n'er a min to spare. Consider setting up their queendom and leaving them to relish in it, instead of buying stuff they don't need. Consider their needs and what they might choose if they only had to think of themselves. 

For me: It is tripping alone in my bathtub. With my shower joint. 

There. I said it. 

Happy Mother's Day,  you Beautiful Warrior Goddesses. 



Mother of Mycrodrops

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